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  • Analysis paralysis

    Analysis paralysis

    In today’s fast-paced professional world, the ability to make timely and effective decisions is paramount. Yet, many professionals find themselves trapped in a cycle of overthinking, leading to a state commonly referred to as analysis paralysis. This phenomenon occurs when an individual becomes so lost in the details and potential outcomes of a decision that…

  • What is Yang?

    What is Yang?

    The cultural annals of China stand testament to an intricate interweaving of wisdom and philosophy. Amongst this vast body of knowledge, ‘yang’ emerges as a beacon, illuminating the realms of life, medicine, and physical harmony. This guiding principle, celebrated for its vibrant energy and warmth, remains a cornerstone of Chinese thought. Through this comprehensive treatise,…

  • Immunity


    Why do some people seem to be able to weather any storm without getting sick, while others fall prey to even the slightest sniffle? The answer lies in our immune system, which can be weakened or strengthened. What can we do to aid the body in its fight against external pathogenic factors? Traditional methods like…

  • Easter Course in St Ives

    Easter Course in St Ives

    A week of Tai Chi in the picturesque seaside town of St Ives in Cornwall from Monday 10th-Friday 14th April 2023 10am to 4pm at St John’s-in-the-fields church, Parc an Stamps, Saint Ives TR26 2FB

  • Kung Fu beach lesson

    Kung Fu beach lesson

    We were doing some kung fu training down at Sennen Cove just the other day when some interested parties approached us to do an impromptu class for them, this is what transpired.