Taoist Cultural Arts Association

Taoist Arts of the Lee style as taught by Professor Chee Soo.

The Taoist Cultural Arts Association was established to preserve the essence of the Lee style Taoist Arts in it's purest form as a traditional style without any additions of Western philosophy, materialism, or extraneous material from other sources. It is the only Association in the world today still teaching the authentic and complete range of the Lee style Taoist Arts and following exactly the same syllabus and standards as handed down in person by Professor Chee Soo from the generations of Taoist masters before him

Taoist philosophy has been a central influence on Eastern culture since before historical records began. The earliest known written sources such as the Nei Ching or 'Yellow Emperor's classic of Internal Medicine' date back to the time of the Xia dynasty about 5,000 years ago, but legends tell of a time as far back as 12,000 years ago when a mysterious race known as the 'Sons of Reflected Light' passed on to the Chinese various skills such as Chinese Medicine, agriculture, and Arts and crafts such as Calligraphy, Silk Weaving and Ceramics. These skills were to become the core of what was later known as Taoism as they were all based upon common principles observable in the Natural World. Even though it has been popular since ancient times it is as relevant today as it was then as a way for ordinary people to improve their lives and deal with the stresses of civilization and the urban environment. It is not an abstract intellectual debate of ideas and concepts like western philosophical systems but a practical method based on learning from Nature.

The Lee style is one of the oldest forms of Taoist Cultural Arts which was brought to the west in the 1930's and so it still preserves the traditional Taoist methods from before the modern age. A Taoist master known as Chan Lee fled the war torn China of the 1930's and established himself in London. He passed on his Taoist teachings to a young man he adopted at the time called Chee Soo who went on to found the largest Taoist training school in the Western world.

If you are interested in becoming a student of the Association the annual subscription fee is £40. The Association is a non-profit making company limited by guarantee, so by joining us you can be assured that you are helping to preserve and promote the traditions of the Lee style Taoist Arts for future generations. Every penny we collect goes towards developing more resources to enable our students to study the Lee style in greater depth and to pass on the invaulable benefits of this training to others around the world. As well as evening classes we also provide regular day courses where you can study the Arts in greater depth and if you wish then maybe go on to teach others yourself one day. We have a comprehensive grading and assessment structure for this purpose which was passed onto us personally by Chee Soo. There is also a three week residential programme of training available during the summer and a week at Easter in Cornwall.

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Please feel free to browse the site if you want to learn more and you can always contact us if you need more information, or you can order some of Chee Soo's books which are currently being re-printed by Seahorse Books if you want to read up on the various subjects we have to offer.